TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

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Rapid DNA Response: On the Wings of TrueAllele

M. Bowkley, M. Legler and M.W. Perlin. "Rapid DNA Response: On the Wings of TrueAllele", Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists Annual Meeting, Cambridge, MD, 20-May-2015.


PowerPoint presentation with audio recording of Dr. Perlin's narration.

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In a recent homicide of family members, a crime laboratory requested TrueAllele® assistance from Cybergenetics to keep critical DNA in evidence. The clothing DNA mixture items each contained 3 or 4 related individuals. Over several days, Cybergenetics separated the mixture data, calculated match statistics, issued a report, prepared the prosecutor, and appeared at a hearing; the defendant ultimately pleaded guilty. This talk shows how crime labs can readily access this rapid DNA response capability through the TrueAllele Cloud, and easily teach and explain TrueAllele mixture results.