TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

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TrueAllele® Casework

M.W. Perlin, "TrueAllele® Casework", Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Probabilistic Software (But Were Afraid to Ask), Promega's Twenty Fifth International Symposium on Human Identification, Phoenix, AZ, 29-Sep-2014.


PowerPoint slides presented at the workshop with live audio recording of Dr. Perlin's talk.

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PowerPoint of TrueAllele facts included in the workshop binder

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Cybergenetics TrueAllele Casework is the most established and proven DNA interpretation technology. Sophisticated computing separates mixtures into component genotypes, restoring the simplicity of single source DNA statistics and reporting. After surveying published validation studies, Dr. Perlin uses courtroom slides from a serial rape case to illustrate TrueAllele concepts. Watch this 37 minute presentation to learn how TrueAllele recovers DNA identification information from "uninterpretable" DNA evidence.


Unlike TrueAllele, some STR mixture analysis methods discard peak data below a certain "threshold" height. The study by Kloosterman set a 10 rfu threshold (baseline noise) for TrueAllele, and a 50 rfu threshold for the other methods. Using a threshold, or adjusting its level, can significantly change the match statistic, as mentioned in the talk.