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TechVibe Radio interviews Cybergenetics

Pittsburgh, PA

On Friday evening, TechVibe Radio broadcast a 35 minute interview with Cybergenetics on KDKA 1020 AM. Pittsburgh Technology Council CEO Audrey Russo and Director of Visibility Jonathan Kersting spoke with Cybergenetics President Ria David and CEO/CSO Mark Perlin about their Pittsburgh-based crime fighting TrueAllele® technology for getting more information out of DNA evidence.

The company transitioned twenty years ago from genetic technology to forensic identification. Early projects eliminated Britain's DNA database backlog, and identified human remains from the World Trade Center attack. TrueAllele computing resolves complex DNA evidence that crime labs cannot. Cybergenetics has assisted Allegheny County in over fifty criminal cases.

The show discussed high-profile TrueAllele cases of serial rape (Pennsylvania v. Ralph Skundrich), multiple homicide (Pennsylvania v. Allen Wade), and innocence exoneration (Darryl Pinkins v. Indiana). The interview explored public policy issues and entrenched forensic interests. TechVibe Radio said Cybergenetics "awe-inspiring and amazing" forensic DNA technology was "making Pittsburgh proud."