TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

DNA Identification for Scientists: Special Topics

Presentations at scientific meetings show how computing provides objective, productive and scientific interpretation of DNA evidence. TrueAllele® computers use all the DNA data, all the time. Computers produce greater yield, with greater accuracy, while reducing cost.

American Academy of Forensic Sciences 62nd Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, February 2010
  • M.W. Perlin and B.W. Duceman, Casework validation of genetic calculator mixture interpretation (15 minutes)
  • M.W. Perlin and R.W. Cotton, Three match statistics, one verdict (15 minutes)

  • Duquesne University 2010 Summer Research Symposium Keynote Address, Pittsburgh, PA, July 2010
  • M.W. Perlin, DNA identification science: The search for truth (60 minutes)

  • Twentieth International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society, September 2010
  • M.W. Perlin and M. Greenhalgh, Scientific combination of DNA evidence: A handgun mixture in eight parts (20 minutes)
  • M.W. Perlin and B.W. Duceman, Profiles in productivity: Greater yield at lower cost with computer DNA interpretation (20 minutes)

  • National Association of Medical Examiners 2010 Annual Meeting, Cleveland, OH, October 2010
  • M.W. Perlin, Preserving DNA information (15 minutes)

  • Promega's Twenty First International Symposium on Human Identification, San Antonio, TX, October 2010
  • M.W. Perlin, Explaining the likelihood ratio in DNA mixture interpretation (20 minutes)

  • Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences 57th Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, December 2010
  • M.W. Perlin, Reliable interpretation of stochastic DNA evidence (20 minutes)