Cybergenetics remembers the World Trade Center victims

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Innovation Award for Forensic Science

Presenter – Pittsburgh Business Times
Recipient – Cybergenetics

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
December 7, 2017

Cybergenetics won a Pittsburgh Business Times Innovation Award for Forensic Science. The trophy was presented on December 7th at the Innovation Awards 2017 lunch at the Westin Convention Center. Chief Executive and Scientist Mark Perlin, and President Ria David, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Perlin said:

"We'd like to thank the Pittsburgh Business Times for this Innovation Award in Forensic Science. Pittsburgh’s business culture fosters innovation. Cybergenetics developed its TrueAllele® products here for solving crime through DNA. Artificial intelligence can implicate the guilty, and exonerate the innocent."

"Most DNA evidence is a mixture of two or more people. Handguns can have five or more. Crime labs can’t interpret complex mixtures. TrueAllele unmixes that data, providing justice through better science™."

"TrueAllele is used in over forty states and overseas. Its database helped identify victim remains in the World Trade Center disaster. We have worked over sixty cases in Allegheny County – murders, rapes, guns – rescuing untapped DNA evidence for convictions and acquittals."

"Cops and kids are killed in our county by gun toting criminals. A powerful DNA database could help prevent these murders. Through DNA, TrueAllele can connect guns used in crime. Computers can catch shooters before they kill again. We hope our innovation will help cut the killing in our county. Thank you."


Cybergenetics wins Business Times innovation award for forensic science