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Impact Award

Presenter – Pittsburgh Smart 50
Recipient – Dr. Mark Perlin

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 10, 2017

At the Pittsburgh Smart 50 awards dinner, Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin was presented with a special Impact Award for his work on TrueAllele® science and justice.

Dr. Perlin thanked the award organizers, and "the hard-working, talented people at Cybergenetics." He told the gathered Smart 50 honorees and guests, "Crime labs generally can't interpret their complex DNA evidence properly — that's most of the evidence — and the result is that this powerful DNA evidence is silent."

"But with computer technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computers can reach into the data and pull out the truth in the data. And suddenly, there's truth that wasn't available before," Perlin continued. "When DNA is silent, computers can bring the truth back out of it. They achieve justice for our society, and have a major impact on our community."


Cybergenetics chief scientist receives Smart 50 Impact Award