TrueAllele® Casework is an automated computerized DNA interpretation system that rapidly infers genetic profiles from all types of DNA evidence samples. TrueAllele's validated probabilistic genotyping provides accurate identification information and matches for crime scene evidence and reference samples in cases such as:



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The following video provides a short 10-minute overview of the TrueAllele Casework workflow and interpretation process on a simple 2 person mixture.

Casework Demos

Separating DNA mixtures of relatives

DNA mixture interpretation can be difficult when there is a mixture of relatives due to the shared alleles. This case example demonstrates how TrueAllele Casework can help separate mixtures of relatives.

Majors and minors of three person mixtures

Often biological evidence can have three or more contributors, which makes analysis difficult. This video provides a case example showing how TrueAllele Casework can evaluate the majors and minors in a three person mixture.