Mark W. Perlin, PhD, MD, PhD

CEO and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Mark Perlin is the founder of Cybergenetics and the creator of the TrueAllele® technology. He has worked in research in many areas of medicine, science and technology. His early work was in MRI technology research, genomics and cancer before moving to forensics. Dr. Perlin has always focused his research and innovative technology on automation and parallel processing efficiency. He mapped the first high resolution YAC contig map of Chromosome 11 in 1995 using his unique automated Inner Product Mapping technology, and has been the first to create a fully automated people-free technology for interpreting and analyzing complex mixture DNA. Dr. Perlin regularly gives presentations and is the author of about fifty scientific papers. He holds 10 patents in fields ranging from DNA mixtures to genome mapping. Before moving to Cybergenetics, Dr. Perlin was a senior research faculty member for ten years in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ria David, PhD

Ria David is a co-founder of Cybergenetics. She earned her PhD from Carnegie Mellon University from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her research focused on Business Culture in American History. Dr. David's research has been augmented by having lived in four countries on three continents, and she has a working knowledge of five languages. She has been involved in business in all of the countries she has lived in. Her specialty is integration and cultural change in the business environment. Dr. David has an Executive MBA from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh.