TrueAllele technology provides a whole solution for forensic DNA evidence. TrueAllele uses powerful computational methods to

  • Automate the review of reference samples
  • Interpret even the most complex DNA evidence
  • Provide continuous search and match capability
  • Support the creation of DNA databases for investigative purposes

Easily integrating with automated laboratory processes, including robotics and LIMS, TrueAllele technology increases DNA sample throughput and decreases the amount of time spent on extracting information from DNA crime scene evidence.

  • Information: TrueAllele technology utilizes the most sophisticated computer-based statistical modeling methods to extract all of the information present in DNA data, resulting in stronger match information with fewer samples.

  • Productivity: TrueAllele automation increases throughput and decreases the amount of time spent analyzing, interpreting or matching DNA evidence.

  • Simplicity: TrueAllele technology is a user-friendly solution for DNA laboratories, with easy to use visual interfaces, detailed tables, and automatically generated reports.

DNA Casework

TrueAllele Casework is a computerized DNA interpretation system that objectively infers and matches genetic profiles from all types of DNA samples.

DNA Reference

TrueAllele Databank is a rule based Expert System that automates reference sample review, reducing human interaction to only the 5% - 10% of problematic data flagged by the system.

DNA Database

The information preserved in the TrueAllele interpretation process is transfers to customizable Trueallele Databases. These databases automate the continuous search and match between DNA samples, cases or large databases with a high degree of information and success.