Sending Data

Cybergenetics uses the following information when processing your laboratory case data. Please contact Cybergenetics before sending any data for TrueAllele processing.

  1. Case documents. Please describe the forensic questions of interest in your case and provide context about the samples. For our case record, please send us copies of these documents.
    • Laboratory electropherograms (data images) of evidence items
    • All relevant laboratory and police case reports

  2. Laboratory DNA process. Please provide us with the following information:
    • DNA sequencer type
    • STR kit used
    • Size standard used

  3. Evidence data. Please send the electronic sequencer data files for evidence items and provide the following:
    • Raw .hid or .fsa files
    • Include allelic ladders, positive and negative controls
    • Item name/number
    • Description of evidence item

  4. Reference data. Please send either electronic sequencer data files or allele list and provide the following information:
    • Item number
    • Reference name
    • Role (suspect, victim, elimination)

  5. Populations. Please note which population databases you use in your laboratory. If these are not published populations (e.g., FBI, NIST, Promega) please send us your allele count data so that we can compute a LR information score relative to those populations.

  6. Contact information. Please let us know to whom any reports will be sent as well as relevant contact information. Please provide names, phone numbers and email addresses.

  7. Urgency. Please note any pending deadlines, such as hearings, trials and so forth.

Groups can send Cybergenetics electronic data materials by:

Physical materials can be sent via courier (e.g., FedEx, UPS) to our Pittsburgh office: 160 N Craig St., Suite 210, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.