Sending Cases for TrueAllele Processing

Cybergenetics offers TrueAllele® Casework DNA interpretation services. TrueAllele can find forensic identification information when other methods fail. An initial free screening is available.

Cybergenetics compares DNA evidence data to produce match statistics. Larger match numbers (say, a million) connect evidence, while smaller numbers (say, one in a million) show no connection.

TrueAllele processing begins with a crime lab's electronic data (.fsa or .hid files). To process a case, we need all the data files (evidence items, reference samples, allelic ladders, and laboratory controls).

Please complete a case submission form, following the provided instructions. We use this form to start TrueAllele processing.

Please download and complete the form in a program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview. Opening the PDF in your browser window may not save your form information. Be sure to complete the entire form, including the “Items” section on page 3. Enclose the electronic form with your case submission.

Data and information can be emailed to, or transferred via Dropbox or CD/DVD. Physical materials can be shipped to our office at the address below.

Checklist of information needed for TrueAllele screening:

  • Completed Cybergenetics case submission form (including the Items table)
  • For evidence items, the lab’s electronic data (.fsa or .hid files)
  • For reference items, either allele list files or electronic data files
  • Allelic ladder files for any electronic data
  • Lab reports for the case, if available

If you have questions, please email Cybergenetics, or call us at 412.683.3004.

Omega Building, Suite 210
160 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213