File Transfer


Please make sure that you have a FTP client installed on your computer. Cybergenetics suggests using WinSCP for Windows, and Cyberduck for Macintosh.


Please contact Cybergenetics to obtain a secure FTP user name and password for your laboratory. The other FTP connection parameters are:

Host name:
File protocol: SFTP
Port number: 22


After establishing a secure FTP connection, you will be presented with a file explorer interface. This interface will let you drag files and folders to the FTP site in order to transfer your data to Cybergenetics.

Please use a new folder on your FTP site when uploading a new batch of files or folders. The folder name should reflect the data content or project. To create a new FTP site folder, right click (Ctrl-click on a Mac) inside the file explorer window and then select New Directory (New Folder on a Mac).