Investigators need DNA leads to catch dangerous criminals

TrueAllele makes better use of DNA data to get leads

In 2016, a serial armed robber was becoming increasingly violent, holding up restaurant workers at gunpoint. The criminal left his cell phone at a Mexican restaurant. But the DNA was too complex for the crime lab to analyze.

Police surveillance got a cast-off drinking straw from suspect Andre Love. The crime lab suggested Cybergenetics re-examine the DNA data. TrueAllele computer re-analysis connected Love to the crime scene. The police arrested Love the next day.

A Cybergenetics expert witness testified at trial about the DNA match results. Love was found guilty of robbery. He was sentenced to 90 years in prison.

Cybergenetics helps investigators solve crimes through complex DNA evidence. Free TrueAllele screening can turn a lab's "inconclusive" DNA into highly informative evidence. Cast-off samples or CODIS hits then connect criminals to crime scenes, leading to arrest and conviction.

If your DNA evidence needs deeper "probabilistic genotyping" to match a perpetrator, call Cybergenetics for a closer look at the lab's data. Our free TrueAllele computer screening can tell you if your suspect is in the DNA, and how the evidence can help close your case.

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