Cybergenetics provides DNA interpretation services and scientific expertise to help with DNA evidence and cases. The TrueAllele® Casework technology is routinely used to provide DNA identification information for complex DNA evidence and cases.

Cybergenetics services help prosecutors, defense and Innocence Project groups with different types of support for DNA evidence, including court preparation, expert testimony and DNA evidence case strategy.

Case Report

Cybergenetics writes case reports based on the TrueAllele computer interpretation results. These case reports are suitable to be admitted into court.

Trial Preparation

Cybergenetics supports the legal community with preparation for expert testimony related to the TrueAllele Casework case report and computer interpretation results.

Trial Testimony

Cybergenetics provides scientific expert testimony in court related to TrueAllele Casework interpretation and results.

Scientific Advising

Cybergenetics scientific and testifying expertise can help a legal group better plan their DNA evidence case strategy.

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