Cybergenetics offers several forms of educational courses and tools for anyone interested in the interpretation of DNA evidence. Cybergenetics understands that computer interpretation is a different approach from traditional forensic methods of interpreting complex DNA evidence. Towards this end, Cybergenetics has created a vast resource of publications, presentations and webinars to explain the underlying science and provide real life applications and examples. These resources are freely available on this website.


The TrueAllele® technology has been extensively validated with numerous peer-reviewed, published validations available. Cybergenetics has also conducted many collaborative validations with forensic groups. Cybergenetics has developed easy to understand How It Works webinars that explore how the TrueAllele computer separates complex mixtures into contributing genotypes. These webinars include topics such as kinship, familial search, degraded DNA, allelic drop out and databases. The many publications and presentations that explain the underlying scientific foundations of the TrueAllele technology include real life applications of TrueAllele including validation projects, solving cases and court related testimony.


Cybergenetics has written book chapters and other publications, and created presentations that speak directly to the use of TrueAllele Casework in actual cases that have gone to trial or been tested in admissibility hearings. These publications and presentations explain how computer interpretation impacts actual cases with DNA evidence. Cybergenetics has also created a basic introductory course for the legal community to better understand computer based DNA interpretation. This course and the other resources described above are freely available on this website.


Cybergenetics has presented many workshops to the forensic community, legal community, law enforcement groups and lay groups. These workshops can be as simple as a two hour introduction, or half day or full day hands on workshop. Cybergenetics has customized workshops to the specific needs of particular groups, including using data and crime scene evidence that is relevant to them.

TrueAllele Training Course Descriptions