TrueAllele® CORE 360 DNA Database system supports the upload of all genotypes and can compare evidence to evidence or evidence to reference samples. In comparison, simple allele-list databases, such as CODIS, do not work well with mixtures and limit the upload of most mixture evidence, with only about 10-20% of mixtures uploaded.

TrueAllele automatically calculates a match statistic that reliably connects people to crimes scenes. TrueAllele CORE 360 is routinely employed for police investigation, criminal justice and disaster victim identification.



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PDFTrueAllele v. CODIS

PDFTrueAllele DNA Biometric System

To understand how investigative DNA databases can be improved to better preserve DNA identification information, please view the following video.

Database Demos

DNA mixtures and databases for serial crime

TrueAllele Casework's database function can be used to solve serial crime. This video uses a case example to help demonstrate this function.

Kinship DNA and disaster victim databases

TrueAllele Casework's database function can help identify disaster victims using kinship DNA. This video describes the process of using a genotype database.